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Before slavery was abolished and while the city of Washington was still in its infancy, Galbraith A.M.E. Zion Church was organized.  The Church grew out of the efforts of the late Bishop Singleton T. Jones, then pastor of the Zion Wesley A.M.E. Zion Church in southwest Washington.  He extended the borders of Zion by establishing a mission in the northwest section of the city.  In 1843, with a meeting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Payne, the mission was established.

The Mission struggled and fluctuated for a period of eight years until its reorganization in 1852, under the leadership of Rev. R.H.G. Dyson. There were few facilities for the education of black children in those days so the Church served a dual purpose. Galbraith's cornerstone was laid in 1853, the first to be laid by the Colored Masons of Washington.  Rev. Dyson selected the name "Galbraith A.M.E. Zion Chapel" in memory of Bishop George Galbraith, and the dedication was held in March 1854.

 Pastors who served the Mission and L Street location were Rev. Abraham Cole, Rev. J.A. Williams, Rev. J.P. Hammer, Rev. James A. Jones, Rev. John Price, Rev. Jacob Anderson, Rev. Alfred Day, Rev. James Stanton, Rev. J. L. Mulligan, Rev. Nathaniel Green, Rev. Sweers, Rev. Jessie S. Coles, Rev. I.R. Johnson, Rev. P. L. Cuyler, Rev. S.F. Dixon, Rev. J. Armstrong, Rev. J.N. Abbey and Rev. J.H. Anderson.

 The present property at 1114 Sixth Street, NW, was purchased from the German Methodist Church in 1885, after the Church outgrew the L street building.  A few of the pioneers joined in the march from the old L Street Church to the new Galbraith A. M.E. Zion Church which seated 450 parishioners at that time.

  For more than 150 years under the leadership of outstanding pastors of our denomination, Galbraith has continued to grow. Galbraith's development is a testimony to the fact that with God all things are possible.  Pastors of the Galbraith congregation include Rev. Sylvester L. Corrothers, Rev. William Speight, Rev. Daniel C. Pope,  Rev. James L. White, Rev. Frank Roberts, Rev. Cornelius W. Turns, Rev. Stephen P. Spottswood, Rev. J. Oliver Hart, Rev. William M. Patterson and Rev. Fredrick B. Massey, Sr.

Our current pastor, Rev. Dr. Myrtle Bowen, was appointed on Sunday, May 31, 2009, at the 180th Philadelphia/Baltimore Annual Conference.

  Galbraith is blessed with a renewed sense of community consciousness.  The church's Outreach Ministry serves clothing, food,  and spiritual sustenance to the community's homeless and those in need.  Its success is sustained through regular donations and partnering with the ministerial staff, area clubs, Greek organizations, and volunteers.

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